Cotes du Rhone


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Rhone wine region

Côtes du Rhône


The Côtes du Rhône, is the south-eastern France. The production area extends a long and narrow area along the banks of the Rhône and will therefore helps the Côtes du Rhône wines to differ greatly in terms of color, taste and production. The Rhône Valley is the oldest wine region of France. The wine tradition dates already back to 600 BC when the Greeks were already growing grapes. In 1950, the region had around 16000 hectares of grapes but today there is already 80,000 hectare planted.


In terms of production quantity is red wine dominant one, but rosé is emerging and that decreases the amount of white wine. This does not happen in Clairette de Die, where almost exclusively white sparkling wines are made.

The wine area is divided into two areas: the northern and southern Rhône region (80% of wine production).

Soil and climate

The great variety of wines is mainly due to differences in climate and soil in the Cotes duRhône. The northern part, from Vienne to Valence, mainly has a granite surface and a temperate climate. The southern part has a warmer Mediterranean climate with dry summers and very often a violent mistral wind. In this section, around Avignon, Orange and Chateauneuf-du-Pape, the soil is mostly clay and sand.