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La Bodega de Pinoso


La Bodega de Pinoso exists as a cooperative sice 1932 but they are making wine for centuries. La Bodega de Pinoso is very succesfull an won an international awards at the Universal Exhibition in Paris at the end of the 19th century and in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century. The foundation of the winery was to bring together the efforts of different winegrowers, causing a successive disappearance of many traditional family wineries, and leaving sales and marketing in the hands of other professionals. At the beginning of the 21st century La Bodega de Pinoso decided to start selling bottled wine under the cooperative brand and to gamble on organic farming, entering a new era had begun. The period of changes started with the construction and modernisation of equipment, the creation of new brand names and development of our new commercial network.

Now Days

From 1932, La Bodega de Pinoso has been selecting and processing grapes from the best vineyards with the aim to create wines of great quality. We offer an incomparable combination of hundreds years of tradition and experience with the most modern production technology. A young team, which combines both experts in viticulture, oenology and marketing and sales, brought together by a desire to leave the past of bulk production behind in order to become one of the top wineries of bottled wines in the region. Currently La Bodega de Pinoso is among the most important of the region and is the main producer of wines coming from organic farming in the Valencia Region, demonstrating in this way the huge interest of all links which the winery consists of (vine growers, technical team, customers) in developing a sustainable agriculture for the environment which is competitive and also profitable for the farmer. Our commitment to quality and innovation has already been recognised and awarded by different international prizes as well as by the confidence of our clients in different countries such as Spain, Canada, Japan, USA, China, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, etc.


The ecological, organic or biological agriculture is a system of agriculture and cattle production that provides maximum quality food via the most respectful processes to the environment, guaranteeing that nowadays we have safe food and more importantly that future generation will be able to produce them in the same or even bigger quantities. Principal objectives of organic farming are: to work with ecosystems in an integrated way, to maintain and improve fertility of soils, to produce food without any chemical waste (pesticides and chemical fertilizers), to use as many renewable resources as possible, to maintain genetic diversity of the system and of the environment, to avoid contamination, to allow farmers to work in healthy conditions. La Bodega de Pinoso has gambled a lot on this production system. In this way high quality wines were rescued for the delight of consumers, which commemorate beginning of times when wine was made without any type of artificial or chemical additives, only by natural techniques preserved traditionally from one generation to another.

Wines made with organic grapes

La Bodega de Pinoso started producing wines from organic grapes in 1997, being one of the pioneer wineries to gamble on this type of cultivation. Nowadays more than 900 hectares of vineyards are certified by the Valencia Region Organic Agricultural Committee, which is 50% of the surface area, producing more than 2,500,000 litres of wine. This makes us the most important producer of wines from organic farming in the Valencia Region, and we are considered one of the biggest producers on a national scale. To obtain organic wines La Bodega de Pinoso combines an exhaustive control of the vineyards with the most careful processes in winemaking. La Bodega de Pinoso's vineyard enjoy extraordinary climatic and pedological conditions, due to cultural practices and treatments carried out at the vineyard are minimum, obtaining in this way grapes of excellent quality, without pesticides and chemical residues. The technical department of La Bodega de Pinoso, specialised in organic farming, periodically inspects plots destined for organic vineyards and it is in constant contact with winegrowers to recommend the best treatments to use. The most common treatments, for developing the cultivation of an organic vineyard in the area, could be summed up in the following points:
· Fertilizing of plots with manure coming from organic cattle farming to improve fertility of the soil.
· Minimisation of agricultural activity to maintain the structure of the soil.
· Maintenance of biodiversity leaving vegetation to grow spontaneously in order to serve as a reservation of auxiliary flora and fauna.
· Preventive treatments with sulphur, copper and Bacillus Thuringiensis against possible plagues and diseases.
The production of organic wines at La Bodega de Pinoso is maintained in five principal pillars:
· Selection of the best vineyards.
· Use of indigenous yeasts with which we obtain wines of great character.
· Minimal use of preservatives diminishing as much as possible the addition of sulphur.
· Traceability and control of all organic wines.