Robert Sinskey Marcien


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Robert Sinskey Winerie

Marcien, Proprietary Red

Robert Sinskey Marcien, Proprietary Red

Los Carneros, Napa Valley

Colour: red

Tasting Notes: Marcien draws the eye to its lustrous deep purple core, which lightens as it veers through ruby in approaching a pink rim. The aromas enshroud your sense of smell in a dense cloud of currants, plums, sweet herbs, violets, warm fresh olive bread and cocoa. Flavors burst on the palate with a sip. The plums taste dark, joined by bright strawberries, intertwined with herbs recalling sage and fennel, touched lightly by cocoa nib and vanilla, all underlaid by the savory intensity the Japanese call umami. The ripe tannins weave a luxurious texture, and these, combined with remarkable concentration and exquisite balance promise decades to explore culinary suitors.