Robert Sinskey Muscat Blanc


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Robert Sinskey Winerie

Muscat Blanc

Robert Sinskey Muscat Blanc

Los Carneros

Colour: white


100% Muscat

Tasting Notes: RSV's tiny production Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains (42 cases), grown in our Biodynamic Scintilla Sonoma Vineyard, is provocative, evocative, musky, grape-y, flowery, itchy, foxy, sexy, crisp and delicious! Though more elegant than a typical Muscat, it still strikes a bold pose with a "tickle your nose at arm's length" citrus blossom perfume. RSV Muscat has a fresh, sweet allure, yet is dry and crisp, quaffable yet complex, stunningly delicious on its own, yet perfect at the table. It is a contradiction that works as the flavors resolve into mouthwatering freshness, engaging the palate into high alert as it seeks out other forms of sustenance - like the one that follows.