Robert Sinskey Pinot Gris Late


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Robert Sinskey Winerie

Pinot Gris Late

Robert Sinskey Pinot Gris Late

Los Carneros

Colour: white


100% Pinot Gris

Tasting Notes: Pear, apple and lime aromas vie for attention before touched by scents of delicate honeysuckle backed by "wet stone" minerality. Upon a sip, the wine's richness fills the mid-palate. It's not a dry wine, but it's not sticky sweet either. Voluptuous and ethereal, it tickles the tip of the tongue with honey. Ripe fruit is supported by subtle notes of melon, almonds and citrus zest that resolve with a kiss of minerals. Its fruit and silken texture strike a balance, progressing across the palate with a mouthwatering, citrus-like brightness for a refreshing finish. Sure, it's great with delicate desserts, but to limit this wine to non-savory applications would be a shame. Choucroute garni comes to mind, as well as many spicy cuisines... and don't forget the cheese course!