Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir Vandal


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Robert Sinskey Winerie

Pinot Noir

Robert Sinskey Pinot Noir Vandal

Vandal Vineyard
Los Carneros, Napa Valley

Colour: red


100% Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes: Beguiling aromas of woodsy undergrowth and dark fruit demand further, less ethereal inspection. Upon a sip, the wine is bright and focused, but keeps to the darker side of fruit, with black cherry, plum notes, tea, and that persistent earthiness that good Pinot Noir must have. As usual, Vandal yields fruit with more tannin than the other vineyards, and this is in evidence here. The tannins weave a sensual texture for the flavors to color, and makes this Pinot Noir a good friend of grilled meats, amongst others.